St Margaret of Scotland RC Church

Making Disciples Through Prayer, Faith Formation & Service

Church Greeters

Church Greeters members of this ministry would be available to welcome and assist those attending church events and functions.

GIFTS: Listening, Faith-Sharing, Welcoming/Hospitality, Celebration

CYO Board & Program

CYO Board & Program ministry would maintain a Board to oversee and guide such teams and sports as would be deemed desirable. The teams would play other diocesan parishes in the area under CYO of Long Island. Coaches would be recruited by and answerable to the Board and the Parish. They would support the guidelines of the Catholic Youth Organization.

GIFTS: Organizing, Listening, Supporting, Communicating, Compassion

Ecumenical & Inter-Faith Activities

Ecumenical & Inter-Faith Activities members of this ministry would explore and facilitate opportunities to discover common ground with Christians and other faiths.

GIFTS: Listening, Faith-Sharing, Welcoming/Hospitality, Facilitating, Celebration, Evangelization

Grounds Beautification Committee

Grounds Beautification Committee ministry would plan, prepare and implement seasonal changes on our property.

GIFTS: Visioning, Supporting, Stewardship

Intergenerational Mentoring Program

Intergenerational Mentoring Program ministry would bring together parishioners of different generations to share with and learn from each other. eg: computer skills, woodworking, arts & crafts, etc.

GIFTS: Listening, Supporting, Faith-Sharing, Facilitating, Evangelization, Assistance

Parish Social Events

Parish Social Events members of this ministry would provide opportunities for parishioners to gather for events on and off site.

GIFTS: Visioning, Organizing, Supporting, Communicating, Welcoming/Hospitality, Celebration

Web & Info Technology Team

Web & Info Technology Team ministry would help the Parish Center answer the demands and opportunities presented by today’s technological world in areas such as social media, website maintenance, media production and use, etc.

GIFTS: Organizing, Supporting, Communicating, Stewardship