St Margaret of Scotland RC Church

Making Disciples Through Prayer, Faith Formation & Service


Catechists are men, women, and older teens engaged in the work of teaching the faith, particularly to elementary and junior high school age children, and (depending on the grade level) preparing them for the sacraments. All the necessary training, supervision, and materials are provided by the parish. One need only have a good rapport with the young, and a willingness to share one’s relationship with Jesus with those who are just beginning to know him. Classes meet weekly from late September through the springtime.

GIFTS: Empathy, Visioning, Organizing, Listening, Communicating, Faith-Sharing, Facilitating, Evangelization

Catechetical Assistants

Catechetical Assistants are adults who lend their time and presence to assist the catechists in the classroom.

GIFTS: Organizing, Supporting, Facilitating

Junior Catechists

Junior Catechists are students from grade 6 through high school who share their time and presence to assist the catechists in the classroom. They also act as role models to the younger students.

GIFTS: Organizing, Listening, Supporting, Faith-Sharing

Baptismal Preparation Team

The Baptismal Preparation Team helps prepare new parents of children to be baptized at a gathering after the 12 noon mass, usually the first Sunday of the month. They share with the new parents the challenges and opportunities to pass the faith on to their children in the years between Baptism and the start of formal Faith Formation.

GIFTS: Communicating, Faith-Sharing, Welcoming / Hospitality, Facilitating, Celebration, Evangelization, Assistance

Pre Cana Team

Pre Cana Team is a group of married couples who share their married-life experiences with engaged couples who as they prepare for the sacrament of marriage. They assist engaged couples in identifying their personal values, opinions, and faith in light of the gospel, and the impact this will have on their growth as a married couple in the Christian community. The program is offered based on the number of engaged couples.

GIFTS: Listening, Communicating, Faith-Sharing, Welcoming/Hospitality, Facilitating, Celebration, Evangelization

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA)

The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) is the formation process by which adults are initiated into the life of the Catholic Church. Team members and Sponsors from the parish play an integral part in this process, sharing their own faith with the candidates and supporting them as the candidates move closer to the celebration of their initiation.

GIFTS: Empathy, Listening, Communicating, Faith-Sharing, Welcoming/Hospitality, Facilitating, Evangelization, Assistance